The JBe Philosophy

Jennifer Brindley Ubl

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer with a modern, unique style focusing on moment-based photojournalistic imagery, non traditional elements, playful and fashion-forward portraiture.

Specializing in non-traditional, secular weddings with unconventional or outdoor locations.

People with quirky and unique styles speak to me. I'm inspired by beautiful films, by strangers, by you. I'm in love with organic elements, things that showcase your personalities, anything Milwaukee, science, nerd/lit or beer themed, and creative, personal touches.

If that vibes with you, we just may have a match. I'd love to hear from you soon.

STEP 1: Check out the wedding stories below for some blog posts, or click on the "Weddings" circle under JBe Services to go straight to the wedding site to check out the galleries!

STEP 2: Contact me asap to discuss some details and set up a visit!

STEP 3: Book me. Breathe easy. Check that off the to-do-list. Do a celebration dance.


The JBe Team

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Jennifer Brindley Ubl

Owner / Principal Photographer / Purveyor of Kickassery

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Mike Hiller

Assistant Extraordinaire / Expert Light Holder


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Salad Crafting

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Love Stories

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Britt and Chuck Weddings


Steve + Liz Weddings


Shannon + John Weddings


Angie + Kyle Weddings


Anna + Matt Weddings


Meaghan + Tony Weddings


Lisa + Erich

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Lauren and Dan Weddings


Alaina + Ben Weddings


Kat + Eric Weddings


Erin and Alex Weddings


Erin and Joe Weddings


Wendy and Matt Weddings


Eric and Taranee Weddings


Meggan and Dong-Ying Weddings


Dana and John Weddings


Lauren and Bryan Weddings


Carly and Brian Weddings

Over the Vines Milwaukee Gay Wedding

Robyn and Chrissy Weddings


Erin and Nick Weddings

Marcus Center Milwaukee Wedding Night Photo

Margaret and Patrick Weddings

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Kiko and John Weddings

Villa Terrace Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Mary and Nico Weddings


Jeff and Jeremiah Weddings

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Riverfront Veil Light Gatsby

Cat and Rusty Weddings

6127A W Greenfield Ave
414.217.9014 [email contact is preferred.]

Thank you for your interest, however…

I have officially retired from photographing weddings. It has been an incredible journey through 200 weddings over ten years. I encourage you to consider Tia Brindel of Little Giant Photography for your big day:

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